Is this store affiliated with the band? 

This was the first official online store for With Confidence. The store was run entirely by the band, but we are now overseas touring so a new Australian merch store will be opening at 24hundred. For international customers, please visit the MerchNow store! 

What methods of payment do you accept and how safe are my personal details? 

Our store is connected with PayPal. PayPal prides itself on security, automatically encrypting confidential information travelling between your computer and ours using SSL Protocol with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). 

Pretty much, yes it's very safe and no we won't share any of your details with anyone. 

Do I have to have a PayPal to buy here?

We can also accept most regular credit cards directly via our shopping cart. E.g. Visa, Mastercard. 

I simply don't have access to a credit card. Is there any alternative way to buy your merch? 

Come to one of our shows and grab some merch from us at the show! If this isn't possible send us an email via the Contact page. 

You are sold out of a product that I would like to purchase. When will you be getting new stock?

This is probably a good one to contact us directly with as it will depend on the product and the timing of runs of new/existing merchandise.